Meet Dragon Lady - The Marriage Odyssey Sailboat

The Love Odyssey Boat

Dragon Lady is a ketch-rigged sailboat carrying four sails: the jib, staysail, mainsail, and mizzen. She was built in 1989 and sailed across the Atlantic  from Sweden to the US.  For the next fourteen years she was sailed back-and-forth from Maine to the Chesapeake.

We bought her in Annapolis in 2003 and have sailed her extensively off the coast and through the sounds of North Carolina.

The pilothouse of our Nauticat offers excellent all around visibility of the boat’s surroundings even while guests are seated at the lovely teak dining table in the pilothouse cabin.  This allows for elegant dining while still communing with nature.

Our whisper-soft generator allows guests to relax in heated or air-conditioned comfort through all the seasons of the year, even when the weather turns inhospitable.

Dragon Lady: A Blue Water Pilothouse Sailboat from Finland