Custom Retreats

We will customize the length and format of your marriage counseling retreat to fit your needs. We offer 2 through 7 day retreats. On all of our retreats the boat is only used as a work space. You will not be traveling on it. If a 4-day or longer retreat is chosen then you will travel to your additional port destinations using your car or Uber. The different ports are within easy driving distance from each other.

The retreat price dependent on time of season and number of days chosen.  Love Odyssey will reserve and pay for your lodging at each port. Bed and breakfasts will be prioritized but availability will also be a factor.  Meals are not included in the retreat pricing as we know that different people have their own dietary preferences.  Part of the fun is researching the local restaurants to see which ones you want.

The schedule for counseling is somewhat but not totally flexible.  You can determine when your two hour sessions begin but we advise that you split them apart so you can decompress or do homework between sessions.  Most people choose to schedule their first session at either eight or nine in the morning morning. The favorite afternoon time is four to six.

Love Odyssey Custom Retreat Pricing

Prime Season (April 1 – October 30)

# of Days Price per day Total Price
2 $1,375.00 $2,750.00
3 $1,350.00 $4,050.00
4 $1,325.00 $5,300.00
5 $1,300.00 $6,500.00
6 $1,275.00 $7,650.00
7 $1,250.00 $8,750.00

Off Season (November 1 – March 31)

# of Days Price per day Total Price
2 $1,175.00 $2,350.00
3 $1,150.00 $3,450.00
4 $1,125.00 $4,500.00
5 $1,100.00 $5,500.00
6 $1,075.00 $6,450.00
7 $1,050.00 $7,350.00

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