I am a former couple’s counselor, myself, and I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have found Bryce Kaye. Without him, I doubt my relationship with my boyfriend would have lasted. But now, because of his intervention, we are getting along better than ever, we trust each other again, and the bedrock of our friendship has been restored. Bryce’s method of helping couples goes far beyond what almost all other therapists and counselors offer: in addition to helping couples improve their communication, he teaches us how to get along with one another and establish a balanced relationship based on just the right blend of satisfying our personal needs, the needs of our partner, and the needs of the relationship itself. He knows just when to share (unbelievably valuable) information (i.e., educate us) and when to pull back and let us talk to each other during the sessions. He introduces concepts that I’ve never heard of before, concepts that truly made all the difference to my boyfriend and me. He’s knowledgeable, has decades of experience, and his understanding of psychophysiology informs the advice he gives–and it works! He is a kind and fair person; easy to talk to; non-judgmental, always considerate of both parties. If you have read negative comments about Bryce, I recommend that you ignore them, because I assure you that he is the best chance that you have to saving your relationship – here in the Triangle area, and probably in the entire southern region. I consider myself very lucky that we live so close to his office – I’d drive hours to get help like this; help that I have been unable to find elsewhere. We had to pay full price for Bryce, because our insurance doesn’t cover couple’s counseling. But he is worth every penny (and more). After all, my relationship with my significant other is among the most important investments in my life. If you do go see Bryce, I recommend that you approach the experience as if you were taking a course in school; because Bryce takes an active approach: he teaches, he educates. I had my own ideas of how to “fix” my broken relationship, but I set them aside, listened to what he had to say, and I tried the things that he suggested. So did my boyfriend. And they worked. His book “The Marriage First Aid Kit” was a very helpful adjunct to our therapy, and reading it shortened the amount of visits we needed. It so happened that we were able to cut through a boatload of confusion, fear, anger and pain in only 4 sessions. You might require more or fewer; the important thing is, Bryce is not after your money. He lets you lead the way with whatever your agendas are, and when you think you are finished, he doesn’t recommend that you keep seeing him, although he certainly leaves the door open to go see him again, if needed. There are few health care providers that have impressed me as much as Bryce Kaye. If you go see him, you are making a wise choice; I can’t imagine any couple with any problem that he can’t help you solve. He cares, he wants to help, and he does.