I have had many therapists over the years, and they were all fine, but I needed a therapist that was more than fine. I needed someone smarter than me, someone that could see through my bs, and that could offer practical solutions for moving forward. I had grown weary of other therapists simply wanting to rehash the past, but never quite helping me to get on with life in a healthy way. Before Bryce, I always seemed to be left with the feeling of, “well I know how I got here, but what do I do about it?”. In a relatively short amount of time of working with Bryce, I was able to effectively manage issues that had plagued me my entire life. His methods have proven to be invaluable for becoming a healthy, autonomous adult. I recommend Bryce to anyone willing to put in the work it requires to strengthen your inner core. He is not for lazy people that just want a magic pill to fix it all.