I contacted Dr. Kaye to help my fiance and me navigate some tough roads with respect to family transition, step-children, and relationship development. We read his book and attended approximately 6-8 sessions. Dr. Kaye gave my fiance and I the tools to significantly improve our relationship along with our relationships with our children. I later met with Dr. Kaye in a 1:1 setting for another 10-12 sessions. I have to say that Dr. Kaye has helped more than words can express. I happen to have a degree in Psychology, and therefore I had a pretty good idea of what to expect as it pertains to talk therapy. I was wrong. We did not dwell on specific issues, but rather we worked intensely on developing the tools, identifying important qualities, and internal mental structures to allow me to constructively deal with any situation. Dr. Kaye did not help me fix a specific problem, or help me come to terms with something specific from my past, but rather he helped me build a framework to reconcile any issues I identified (or may identify in the future) from the past. Moreover, the tools, or strategies, have helped me develop a much more confident, open, caring, understanding, empathetic, compassionate, and overall happier ‘me.’ I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Kaye and his methodology.