We have been back about 2 weeks now. In looking back over that week, we see clearly how the itinerary was set up to provide us with the environment and schedule needed to work on so many aspects of our lives together. We continue to practice the methods we learned and are able to see the respect and caring coming back into our lives.

My fiancé and I had booked a marriage retreat (love odyssey) with Dr./Captain Bryce Kaye and his wife Helen to work through some major relationship issues that we thought only a retreat could fix. Having never done so, we were somewhat apprehensive about what the experience would be like. We were intrigued by the prospect of doing the counseling on a boat versus the standard “in-the-office counseling” so many other retreats were offering. All the while, we both felt that sharing our most intimate issues with a counselor we had never met would be a daunting task, especially in such a confined environment. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Bryce was amazing in analyzing and identifying our problems in no time while being extremely tactful and likable. The presence of his wife made the atmosphere very relaxed and an air of humor was added to all counseling sessions. This made it very easy for us to share our most intimate and at times embarrassing secrets. The overall experience itself was well beyond what we could have imagined. As we were working through our problems, the beautiful North Carolina backdrop made for a romantic getaway that in addition to all the valuable advice given by Bryce and Helen made for a memorable experience we will cherish for years to come. I can confidently say that our relationship has never been better. Bryce and Helen have truly brought our relationship to a level few people will experience. In addition to Bryce’s book, the Marriage First Aid Kit, the retreat is something every couple would greatly benefit from, whether they are in crisis or not.

Highly recommend Dr. Kaye and Love Odyssey Tours. Practical, proactive, and professional, we left with the tools we needed to help reinvigorate our marriage of 19 years and helped us better understand each other. After returning and beginning our follow-up work, my wife and I both agree that we could not have made a better investment in ourselves and our family. A heartfelt thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Kaye.