I initially thought Dr. Kaye was a divine intervention, and I still do! Your mechanic, hairdresser/barber, doctor and psychotherapist are all people that when you find a good one, you hold onto them. My wife and I were separated and moving apart, and it all seemed so senseless, sort of like being in another country and not knowing the language, but the miscommunication was with the most important person in my life. We had tried another counseling service in the area prior to our separation that I believe had good intentions, offering us help and purporting “Solutions,” but only proved to smear around the hurt and anguish with buzz phrases and happy thoughts. It was like putting a clean bandage on a festering wound, and we both knew it, hence the subsequent separation, but we still had no tools to create healing or even understand what was causing the wound. I needed support to deal with our impending divorce and purely by accident, or so I thought, found Dr. Kaye for individual counseling. I immediately found him to be very different and refreshing from previous counselors; very knowledgeable, personable and extremely astute. Dr. Kaye eventually accepted us for couples counseling sessions and “yada, yada yada” we are now not just happy, but more happily married than we had ever understood. It’s too much to express, but it is not an intuitive process building a relationship, the language has to be taught, and there are few that have the skill and the tools to allow you to understand and help yourself. Dr. Kaye is one of those few, and, though I may not want him creating my hairstyle, working on my car or performing surgery on me, he’s a good one and has made all the difference in my life,… in our lives! P.S. We are expecting our first born in January. : )