It’s smart to thoroughly research your retreat facilitators when you have the future of your relationship at stake.  That’s why I’ve included this section that will allow you to read about some of my personal philosophy and experiences.  It will help you to decide whether we’re a good match.  The chapters have been lifted from my next book (in progress) titled When Love and Anger Got Married: Human Paradox and Spiritual Growth.  I hope you enjoy them.

 1 – Questions

Here I discuss the role of meaning in one’s life and how “meaning” and “spirituality” don’t have to rely on organized religion.

2 – Our Quantum Selves

In this discussion I explain the central paradox of human inconsistency and why an unconventional view of human nature is more accurate.

3 – Choosing Our Colors

Here I describe how one can choose personal meaning in life.

4 – Burning It In

It’s not enough to intellectually choose life’s meaning.  In this chapter I describe how someone can use specific strategies to embed it deep into one’s character.

5 – Cracking The Enigma

This chapter describes a central mystery about human nature and how I think it can be solved.