Private Marriage Counseling Retreats in a Nautical Setting

Do you believe your relationship deserves the most intensive, private couple-to-couple marriage counseling retreat possible?  We are Author/Dr. Bryce and Helen Kaye, a husband and wife team of professionals (happily married 37 years) who counsel and rescue relationships on our totally private marriage counseling retreats.

How we are different

We would like to give you something for free !  Few websites for marriage counseling retreats will do that.  Meta-studies show that only 16 % of marriage counseling couples report any benefit after 2 years. We do it differently.  We don’t want to be a part of the 84 %. That’s why we want to give you some useful information for free. Study this website. Watch our videos.  Read The Marriage First Aid Kit and learn some of the real science that’s affecting your marriage. Chapter 4 ,  Chapter 8 , and Chapter 10 are the best places to start.  You can also dive deeper in Dr. Kaye’s paper Why Meaning Matters in Relationships. Put us to the test. See if we’re exaggerating our claim that you will learn more useful things on this site than any other  marriage counseling retreat website. The fate of your relationship may depend on it.

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Bryce Kaye - The Marriage First Aid Kit

We’ve helped many couples with:

Lost Affection

Post-Affair Healing

Conflict Management

Poor Communication

Blended Families

Boundary Intrusions

Co-Parenting & In-laws

Money Issues

Competence you can trust

When you are a couple selecting a marriage therapist with so much at stake, you should be asking these questions: Does the therapist have extensive training in the neuro-science of emotional regulation? Has the therapist treated individuals with personality and emotional disorders in addition to working with couples? We find that many relationship difficulties have these kinds of deep roots underneath their problematic behaviors. Love Odyssey’s Dr. Bryce Kaye is well qualified to address the real underlying causes of emotionally driven behavior. He holds a bachelors degree in psychology from Columbia University and a Doctorate in Personality from the University of Illinois. For 40 years he has treated thousands of married couples and even more thousands of individuals. He has specialized training in treating multiple personality, post traumatic stress disorder, various personality disorders, addictive and compulsive disorders, anxiety and depression. His book about emotional dynamics in troubled marriages is titled The Marriage First Aid Kit and you can read it online here for free.

Dr. Kaye explains: Why we get so stupid when we fight.



Your Love Odyssey marriage retreat will place both of you in a beautiful natural environment that will be optimal for encouraging you to see things from a fresh perspective.



Read what past clients have had to say about their counseling on their Love Odyssey retreats as well as at our land-based counseling center.

A Serious Intervention On a Marriage Retreat In A Vacation-like Setting

These marriage counseling retreats offer intensive marriage and couples counseling in a beautiful nautical environment for one couple at a time. The captain, Dr. Bryce Kaye has authored the book “The Marriage First Aid Kit” and is a 30 + year veteran marriage therapist. Helen and Bryce provide training for four hours each day with just you and your partner. It’s very private and personal.

  • Before you arrive for your retreat, you will be mailed a packet of 5 questionnaires to be completed and mailed back. These questionnaires map out possible hidden psychological issues that may be unbalancing your relationship.
  • If you choose our intensive 2 or 3-day retreat ( Friday through Sunday) you will stay in a comfortable inn that overlooks the scenic inner harbor of Oriental. During the day you will meet for intensive counseling with Dr. Bryce and Helen Kaye on board their pilothouse sailboat Dragon Lady. Dragon Lady will remain docked while overlooking the scenic harbor and nearby Neuse River.
  • If you choose one of our 4 or 5 day retreats, you will split your locations between Oriental, NC and either Beaufort or New Bern, NC.
  • If you choose a 6 or 7 day retreat, you will alternate your stays between Oriental, Beaufort and New Bern.

The scenic rivers and quaint coastal towns offer the perfect relaxing environment to promote your intimate re-connection. You can stay in beautiful bed-and-breakfasts, eat in restaurants of your choice, shop, swim or do nothing at all but relax. This is part of our strategy. The ports of call and the opportunities for new exploration help shift you both to a state of flexible receptivity. Each day of the involves several alternating periods of intense counseling and relaxing fun.

Our couples appreciate how we pace their learning in manageable bites. We allow each couple to digest the information that they’ve derived from each counseling session. During each unstructured period they can talk more casually while exploring the port town. This formula of alternating work and play states is highly effective. If you choose one of our 4 day or longer retreats then you can use your car or Uber to rendezvous with our boat at the different port towns. The port towns are within easy driving distance of each other.

Does your relationship have marriage problems?
Your relationship may have developed one of the marriage problems that afflict many couples. You can read about what to look for as well as some things you can do about them in addition to marriage counseling.

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