Your Love Odyssey marriage retreat will place both of you in a beautiful natural environment that will be optimal for encouraging you to see things from a fresh perspective.   On some days you will spend much of the day sailing to a new port.  You will see interesting vessels on the open water, passing you on their voyages from faraway places.  Horses will graze along the shore.  Dolphins may visit to size you up as they keep pace close in behind the bow wave.  On other days, you will spend part of your time exploring the quaint historical town in which you are docked.  There are historical buildings, various museums, quaint shops, and some of the bed and breakfast inns date back well into the 1800’s.  The local restaurants serve fresh seafood and are excellent.  Each town has its own colorful history which you will enjoy exploring together.  All the while you and your spouse will be receive the most professional couples counseling possible.

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The possible destinations for each retreat are along the eastern-most shores of North Carolina involving the Neuse River and the Pamlico Sound.  The ports are depicted on the following chart.

Map showing the destinations for the marriage retreats

You can review the histories and main attractions for each port of call:

Retreat Destination Oriental NC

Retreat Destination Ocracoke NC 

Retreat Destination New Bern NC 

Retreat Destination Beaufort NC

Retreat Destination Cape Lookout NC