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Another Odyssey- Helen 11/04/13

Bryce and I are looking forward to doing another Odyssey this week.   Usually our Odysseys are scheduled in warmer weather […]

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Uh-oh – Helen 10/27/13

We travel a lot in the course of a week.  Every Thursday evening we drive about three hours to Oriental […]

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Leaf Peeping- Helen 10/20/13

This was one of those unusual weekends where we headed to the mountains instead of the coast.   Usually the third […]

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Gray Days –Helen 10/15/13

I hate rainy days!  I have no use for cloudy days either.  Give me sunshine, even if the temperature is […]

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A Family Weekend- Helen 09/29/13

We don’t get to have very many family weekends since we are usually down at the coast from Thursday evening […]

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Suzy-Q’s Birthday – Helen 09/15/13

Friday was Suzy’s third birthday!  Hurray!  She is now twenty-one in human years and old enough to be wed!  Remember, […]

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A Canine Wedding- Helen 09/08/13

Yesterday was very special.  Our little Yorkie Girl Suzy Q got wed to our marina neighbors’ Pomeranian Black Jack.  They […]

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A Busy Summer- Helen 08/26/13

This has been a really busy summer for Bryce and me.   We did one  Odyssey Charter in June, one in […]

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A visit from the Grandkids — Helen 07/27/13

Yesterday we had a nice visit from our grandkids, Andrew and Alec.   We hadn’t seen them for awhile because we […]

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New Phones – Helen 07/13/13

Bryce and I have had dumb phones the past several years while the rest of the world moved up to […]

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