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“I Do, I Do” by Suzy-Q 07/21/13

I have always loved Jack.  He was my favorite playmate when I was a little pup.  He tolerated my antics […]

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Not Again! – Helen 02/02/13

Yup!  Suzy nearly got bit again by a big black lab yesterday afternoon when I was walking her in our […]

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Suzy’s Second Birthday- Helen 09/15/12

It’s always nice to find folks who are as crazy about their dogs are we are about Suzy.  We are […]

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Home at Last–Helen 06/01/12

Yesterday was pretty tiring and emotional.  I left Cary at 11:30 and picked up Suzy at the vet in Manteo […]

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Good News– Helen 05/29/12

I had trouble getting up with the vet today.  I called twice and was getting very worried.  So at 4:00 […]

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The Kindness of Strangers –Helen 05/28/12

Yesterday afternoon Suzy, our 4 pound Yorkie, was severely mauled by a large black lab while I was walking her […]

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My Weekend in the Mountains–Suzy 10/08/11

Mommy and Daddy took me to the mountains this weekend.  I really didn’t know what a mountain was but they […]

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Yesterday mommy had a birthday party for me and invited some of my friends. I really didn’t know what a […]

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My First Swim Lesson –Suzy-Q 07/30/11

Mom and Dad sailed our boat to Ocracoke yesterday. They kept talking about taking me swimming. I really didn’t know […]

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Woof—Let me introduce myself.  I’m Suzy-Q, but my mom and dad  usually just call me Suzy.  The vet says I […]

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