When Love And Anger Got Married

Using anger to protect love. Sounds paradoxical doesn’t it. That’s because most of us think too simplistically. Love is good. […]

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Killing Our Relationships With Responsibility

Want to kill a relationship? All we have to do is convince ourselves that we’re too strong to be afraid. […]

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A Busy Summer- Helen 08/26/13

This has been a really busy summer for Bryce and me.   We did one  Odyssey Charter in June, one in […]

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Musings and Contemplations – Bryce Kaye

Whether I’m on my boat on one of our couples counseling retreats or in my land-based practice, I occasionally catch flitting contemplations […]

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Where Marriage Counseling Doesn’t Get It

We are into our third day of one of our Love Odyssey marriage counseling retreats during which my wife Helen and I […]

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WOW! Helen 08/04/13

Yesterday we finished another Odyssey and our couple is doing so well!  They have learned tools that they can take […]

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Turning The Corner In A Relationship- Bryce Kaye

It looks like this couple will turn the corner.  What a relief! Helen and I had wondered if this couple […]

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A visit from the Grandkids — Helen 07/27/13

Yesterday we had a nice visit from our grandkids, Andrew and Alec.   We hadn’t seen them for awhile because we […]

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“I Do, I Do” by Suzy-Q 07/21/13

I have always loved Jack.  He was my favorite playmate when I was a little pup.  He tolerated my antics […]

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New – Helen 07/20/13

  It seems like we are getting everything new at the same time.  Last weekend Bryce and I got new […]

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