Key West Vacation – Helen 04/14/2014

I have been waiting for this vacation since Christmas.  Bryce had his right foot operated on December 27 and could not drive for over two months.  I was his personal chaufffeur, driving him to work each morning, picking him up each evening, driving to and from our boat on the coast every four days, driving him to doctor’s appointments, etc.–you get it!  This got old pretty quickly!  What kept me sane and relatively happy was the prospect of a vacation in Key West when he could drive again and walk without crutches and an orthopedic boot.  So here we are, enjoying every minute of our vacation.  Bryce is still protective of his foot and is riding a bike everywhere while I walk and push Suzy in her hot pink stroller.  We are enjoying the food and shops, sitting by the pool, and luxuriating in the warm sunny weather.


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