Forever- Helen 04/13/2014

I am sitting here near the pool at the Palms in Key West, Florida with Suzy-Q on my lap.  We have just finished our continental breakfast and I am luxuriating in the morning warmth and sunshine.   I am also fondly recalling a scene from last night.  It was before dinner and we were strolling along the waterfront near Mallory Square when Bryce dropped to one knee, looked up at me with a small pink gift in his hand.  I knew this had to be serious and before he could say a word, my heart melted and and tears flowed from my eyes.  Bryce asked me to be his partner for the rest of his life.   In the small pink package was an exquisite gold necklace with two dolphins cavorting in the surf.  Bryce had frequently told me that our minds felt to him like two dolphins playing in the ocean.  “Yes Bryce, I will be yours FOREVER!”


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