Thirty-two Years- Helen 12/17/13

On Thursday Bryce and I will celebrate thirty-two years of marriage.   Sometimes it feels like I have known this man my entire life.  After so much history together there are few surprises; it is a very comfortable relationship.   Yes, early on in our relationship there was much more friction; we were both learning about each other and raising a family while also working on our careers.  But today it feels so natural.   I know that I am loved and valued.   This is the man who still reaches over to give me a pat on the arm while I am driving; who still tells me that he loves me at least once a  day; who still greets me at the door each evening with a kiss.  Not bad after thirty-two years!  I am glad I said “I do” thirty-two years ago.  I love you, Bryce!

Helen   12/17/13


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