Uh-oh – Helen 10/27/13

We travel a lot in the course of a week.  Every Thursday evening we drive about three hours to Oriental and every Sunday afternoon we drive back home to Cary.  That is a trip of about 350 miles.   We have been doing this for over ten years without incidence.   In fact, I often think that I could probably  do the drive with my eyes closed if it were not for the other cars.  Ho-hum!   But this afternoon we had a bit of drama.   As I was driving home about 15 miles out of Oriental I suddenly saw a large bird swooping down in front of me as I was traveling 55 miles per hour.   Loud thud!   My driver’s side mirror took the full inpact of bird and suddenly said mirror was dangling down toward the door and very, very cracked.   As I slowed down I could see in my rear view mirror a large object on the road behind me- dead sea gull!

We stopped at a home improvement store in New Bern to purchase some masking tape in order to keep the mirror from scratching the paint on the door.   I proceded to call my insurance agent who assured me that my comprehensive would cover the repairs and we would have no “out-of-pocket” expenses.  Then he asked me one last question, “who owned the animal who caused the damage?”  I thought a moment and answered “God”!  We both chuckled!

Helen   10/27/13

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