A visit from the Grandkids — Helen 07/27/13

Yesterday we had a nice visit from our grandkids, Andrew and Alec.   We hadn’t seen them for awhile because we are always down here at the coast on weekends.  But they are staying for a few weeks with their mom at her brother’s house here at the coast.  So yesterday we had them join us at the pool at our marina for a swim, followed by ice cream at the Bean, and supper at the Silos restaurant.  This grandma has some fun “games” on her I-pad and three-year-old Alec was captivated.  Eight-year-old Andrew is learning how to swim and yesterday he learned how to float on his back.  Our daughter-in-law, Jen, and I had lots of time to catch up on family news.  What a fun day for all!

Helen  07/27/13

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