New Phones – Helen 07/13/13

Bryce and I have had dumb phones the past several years while the rest of the world moved up to smart phones.  It really was not much of a problem for either one of us since I had my I-pad 3 and Bryce was never far from his laptop.  But this month our 2-year contract with Verizon was up and it was time to get new phones.  My phone was showing its age with lots of scratches on the screen and Bryce’s wasn’t in much better shape.   So this morning we got to the Verizon store just as it opened and picked out our new phones.  I wanted an I-phone since I thought the learning curve would be easier and Bryce wanted a Droid.  Well, we have both been consumed with learning how to use our devices.  The day has been spent experimenting with calling and texting each other and learning how to use the voice-activated features of each–in a 3G environment that takes forever to get out!  Can’t wait to get back to Cary tomorrow to see how fast our phones can really be!

Helen   07/13/13

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