Day Three of Our Odyssey- Helen 06/26/13

Yesterday was a very LONG day!  We left Ocracoke Island at six a.m. under sunny skies but windy conditions.  Sailboats like wind but not when it is on the nose, so we had to motor with our mizzen and mainsail pinching into the wind.   There were two to three foot waves and whitecaps which made for a splashy ride.  All morning we sat in the cockpit and got to really know our couple and they us.

Once we left the Pamlico Sound and got into the Neuse River the water became flatter and the ride more comfortable.  We went down into the pilot house and ate some lunch, then got to work on what comprises a good relationship.  We also gave feedback on their questionnaires which they had filled out prior to the trip.

We had made dock reservations at the New Bern Grande Marina in front of the Hilton Hotel.  The sticking point was that the Cunningham Bridge over the Trent river closes at 4:00 for commuter traffic and doesn’t open again until 5:00.  We arrived at the bridge at 4:00 but the bridge tender said he likes to open it at 3:50; there was no convincing him to open it for us short of an emergency.  So for the next hour we did lazy circles in the river and had to wait until exactly 5:00 before he would let us through.  Ugh!  But at least we are here and tied up snugly to the inside of the sea wall between two very large yachts.

Helen   06/26/13

For information about Helen and Bryce’s Love Odyssey marriage retreats visit  where the strategy behind these couples retreats  is described in detail.


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