A Bad Weekend – Helen 06/09/13

This was not the best of weekends.  First of all on Friday we had a visit from Tropical Storm Andrea.  Bryce had to work all day in New Bern so Suzy and I took on the responsibility of tending to the boat.   Actually it could have been worse.   We got more wind than rain and at its worse we got 50 mph winds.  Even in our hurricane hole that is a bit of a blow and the boat did rock around a bit in her slip but nothing broke and there was no damage.  It just is disconcerting when you don’t know if the wind is going to get worse and all you hear is howling in the rigging.   Some of the time the sun was out bright and Suzy and I sat in the cockpit and watched other sailboats in the marina rock and roll too.   But I don’t think any boats had any damage.

Yesterday I was standing near the pool and talking to the dockmaster about the storm when I felt something sting my foot.  It was fire ants!  I had never been stung before and ignored it for awhile.  But later my foot itched a lot.  I put on 1% hydrocortisone creme and forgot it.  Today I had an allergic reaction with systemic symptoms as well as itch.  So I learned to take an antihistimine and put on Benadryl creme ASAP.

When we got home today we noticed one of our trees in the backyard had fallen from the storm.  Bryce got out the chain saw and began to cut it into pieces when I heard some shouts.   Apparently there was a nest of yellow jackets in the trunk of the tree and they were vehemently telling him to leave their home alone.   He was stung in several spots and I immediately got him on the antihistimine and Benadryl creme.   Wow!  What a weekend!

Helen    06/09/13


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