A Birthday Week- Helen 06/04/13

Our family seems to like June birthdays!  Sunday was my birthday (don’t ask how many candles!), yesterday was our grandson Andrew’s 8th birthday, and tomorrow is our other grandson, Alec’s 3rd birthday.   So this past Sunday our entire family got together at my brother and sister-in-law’s house for a celebration.

I like to think of birthdays as milestones.  Little Alec has transitioned from toddlerhood to a preschooler.  He is nearly potty-trained and is speaking in nice clear sentences.  What a joy to share what is going on in that little mind!  Andrew is a rising third grader and is excelling in all his school subjects.  I still can’t believe how well he is reading and how mature his thoughts have become.  And as for me, I am so grateful to be at this place in my life.   I love being able to help kids at Cary Speech Services; this is such a rewarding profession!  And I am still in awe of my husband’s skills as a therapist; he has turned so many lives around both in his two private practices and in Love Odyssey.  And last but not least, I am fulfilled as a mom to my two grown children–so now I can spoil our little Suzy-Q!

Helen  06/04/13

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