Lookout Village- Helen 05/26/13

this morning we took the dinghy to Lookout Village which is part of the Cape Lookout National Park.  We have been going here for over 25 years.   These are old, decrepit cottages and parts of the the Life Saving station and Light Keepers quarters from nearly a hundred years ago.   When we first started coming to Cape Lookout in the 1980’s fisherman occupied these cottages during the warmer months.   But in the 1990’s the Park Service took over the ownership of the cottages and they went into disrepair.   Now they are empty, boarded up, locked and essentially uninhabitable.  As we walked through this area we wondered how much further damage hurricane Irene did two years ago–it is really hard to say.

Early morning at anchor in Lookout Bite

Helen by old lightkeepers house that was moved over a mile from the lighthouse.

A liesurely walk through the deserted Cape Lookout Village


The deserted World War II vintage Coast Guard Station at Lookout

A funky looking bus camped out on the isolated oceanside beach

Friendly Jim Thompson invited us into his funky bus camper on the beach.

In contrast to this ghost village there are camping tents near the lighthouse and also near the beach.   I would venture that we saw altogether at least 50 tents of every description and lots and lots of small motor boats anchored near these tents which probably brought the tenters here.  We are anchored in much deeper water (about 25 feet) with another 50 sailboats of every size and description along with some trawlers and a few houseboats.   Yes, there is quite a village out here at Cape Lookout, just no longer in those ancient cottages!

Helen    05/26/13


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  1. Jim Thompson June 4, 2013 at 12:35 am #

    Bryce and Helen: So nice to have made your acquaintence on Cape Lookout banks this past weekend. I see the “beach bus” made it to your blog site – what an honor! We’ll take it off the banks around mid-July and take it back over early September for the remainder of the year. You are both welcome to stay a while any time you see it.

    Your website is great. I especially liked the pictures of “Dragon Lady”. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to meet my wife, Sharon, but she’s a fishing fanatic, and its difficult to get her off the beach.

    Next time you’re tied up at the Beaufort Docks, give me a call and we’ll bring over the wine. You both seem to have a wonderful and exciting life together. However, after seeing the way Suzy got between you both in that “fit of jealous rage”, I think she needs to go get some dog-gone counseling! Have a nice week…..

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    Attorney at Law
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