Cape Lookout – Helen 05/25/13

Well, here we are at anchor in the bight of Cape Lookout.   Bryce just commented about how peaceful it feels.  We have no noise except for the occasional squeak of the rigging when a small wavelet hits and gently rocks the boat.   Earlier today I felt that we were sitting next to I-40 as all the small motor boats whizzed by us and gave us their wakes.   But now things have calmed down and a small city of boats is established here in the bight.

A few hours ago we took the dinghy down from the davits and set it behind the mother ship.  Bryce, Suzy and I climbed in and made a bee-line for shore.   There are tents of all descriptions and sizes on both the ocean and bay side with people sitting in beach chairs around barbeques smelling of cooked meats.   Kids and dogs are running into the cold, cold water and men are tending to fishing poles.   No one seems to have caught any fish but that doesn’t seem to deter the weekend fishermen.

Bryce and I are looking forward to grilling some hot dogs on our gas barbie that hangs off the side of the cockpit.  It almost feels like summer except for the chilly temperature today–59 degrees is pretty unusual for end of May in NC!  But I guess if it were 95 degrees we would also be complaining!

Helen  05/25/13

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