Day in Beaufort

Here we are in Beaufort at the start of a Cape Lookout weekend.  Life is good with a chance for some much needed relaxation.  Some beautiful boats have come in and one looks like it was on the set of “The Great Gatsby.”  Last night there was a Full Moon party at the Dockhouse and they had a really good band playing.  We heard a few tunes and then went to bed but we then listened to them through the hull of the boat until about 1:00 AM.  At least they were a great sound even if we’re two old decrepits who don’t have the energy for partying into the wee hours.

Helen had a mishap last night  that bummed us out.  She put Suzy’s baby stroller on the dock and locked the wheels before going into the boat for a minute to get something.  When she came out the stroller was gone!  Must have been a strong wind gust that just whisked it off the dock and into the drink.  Helen really got bummed.  Anyway, it was just a thing!  It’s time to get on with living in the present.

This morning we head on out to lookout.  Tomorrow I’m going to try to snag a few spanish mackeral if I’m lucky.


Beaufort docks before the party

Bryce  05/25/2013

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