Mother’s Day – Helen 05/12/13

This was one of those rare weekends that we stayed home in Cary because of Mother’s Day.   My mom is 95 (Bless her heart!) so we wanted to spend some quality time.  Today we took her to dinner at the Angus Barn in Raleigh where we all ate far too much food but had a memorable time.

Heather came home yesterday with her new puppy, Geoffrey, who is about 8 weeks old.  Suzy didn’t know what to think of this little up-start!  He is her size (very tiny) and absolutely adorable.  They frolicked around the kitchen all morning, ran after tiny tennis balls, and curled up in everyone’s laps.   My mother really enjoyed holding the puppy who proceeded to fall asleep in her lap.  I was able to give Heather lots of puppy stuff to take back to Boone.  In turn she gave me a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.  All told it was a great family weekend!

Helen   05/12/13

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