Holed up in Beaufort –Helen 04/22/13

It is cold, rainy, raw and miserable today.   But inside the cabin of our boat it is warm and inviting.   Our Odyssey couple is making nice progress and Bryce and I are proud of their courage.   We average four hours of counseling a day, two in the morning and another two in the afternoon.   By the end of the afternoon all four of us are tired.  Over lunch and dinner Bryce and I review what we did; what worked and what didn’t fly; where we need to go on our next session.

Our couple will need to decide tonight where we go tomorrow, both literally and figuratively.   What territory they want to cover in their relationship and also where we will go with the boat.   Do we stay another day here in Beaufort, go back to Oriental, or plunge ahead to New Bern.    Stay tuned….

Helen    04/22/13

For information about Helen and Bryce’s Love Odyssey marriage retreats visit http://www.odysseymarriageretreats.com  where the strategy behind these couples retreats  is described in detail.

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