Weather –Helen 04/19/13

It has been blowing hard all day–at least 20 knots with gusts to 30+.  At times it is howling and the boat is gently moving from side to side with some of the wind blasts.   There is usually a feeling of coziness when this happens; I will put some stew in the crockpot and some soft music on the stereo and find a good book to read.   But not today.  We are getting ready for an Odyssey charter and every time I look at the marine weather forecast I am dismayed.  There is a big weather system coming over our mountains and with it we will get even more wind and lots and lots of heavy rain and even some thunderstorms.  Sailboats like wind, but not too much thank you!  10-15 knots is usually just right for a nice sail.   We should be leaving Oriental bright and early Sunday morning, but the wind and rain that is predicted will make a miserable day.  So we may have to resort to Plan B-  stay here in  Oriental for a day until it blows over and give us good sailing.

Helen   04/19/13

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