Friends and Family — Helen 04/14/13

Yesterday we had some friends and family visit us and attend the Oriental Boat Show.   It was fun to have no agenda except to socialize and see what is new in the world of boating equipment.   The last four weeks we have been in the boat yard and working hard on fixing problems and getting systems up and running.   We finally left the boat yard early yesterday morning and returned to our dock in Pecan Grove, the site of the annual boat show.

It was so nice to be “back home” again and in the company of friends.   It is so unusual for Bryce and I to just relax for an entire day.   Living in Cary four days a week means working in our respective practices while also doing the shopping, laundry, and other tasks (yard work, car repairs, etc.) so we are free on Thurs. afternoon to take off for the coast (3 hours away).  Then when we are at the coast Bryce works in his New Bern practice on Fridays while I focus on boat tasks.   Saturdays we usually shop at West Marine for boat supplies and Bryce works on boat tasks that I can’t physically do.   Then Sunday we pack up and head back to to Cary.  Phew!  Good thing we both love this life!   But it is always fun to take a break and visit with friends and family and just do nothing for awhile!

Helen   04/14/13

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