Debra from Atlanta Has Lost Her Sexual Desire (Q & A)

Dr. Bryce Kaye gives advice to a wife who has lost sher sexual desire.Q:  I have lost my sexual desire.  My husband who has a very high sex drive, is going crazy. I also have emotional problems. I am depressed a great deal of the time. It has been this way for approx. 3yrs. We have been together for 4 yrs. married 3.  Please help me, I don’t want a divorce.

A:  Debra.  First I would recommend that you see a psychiatrist (if you haven’t already) to evaluate your depression.  You may find that with the right antidepressant medication that your sexual desire may come back with your lust for life.  If you’ve tried this route, then you may want to talk with your husband about different ways that you can help him relieve his sexual tension without you having to have actual intercourse. Forcing yourself to have intercourse can actually damage your delicate sexual emotions for later on in life.  However, you can participate in other sexual play that doesn’t require for your to pretend to be sexually aroused.  See if he will compromise with you while you honestly promise to him that you will continue working to get yourself out of depression.  I don’t recommend your compromising to the point that you obligate yourself to intercourse. That path will only make matters worse in the long-run. – — Bryce Kaye

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