Happy Birthday, Bryce -Helen 04/07/13

Today is Bryce’s birthday.   It is also a very frustrating day for him.   We have had a slow leak under the aft head for several weeks.  At first we thought it was a hose to the head but Bryce checked that out four weeks ago and replaced clamps.  The leak did not go away.  Then he checked under the floor leading to the aft head and noticed that our fresh water lines were under the head–four hoses actually- two for the sink and two for the shower and they have plastic connectors under the raised pedistal for the head.  It soon became apparent that when we shut off fresh water the floor stayed dry and within a half hour of turning the water back on, the leak commenced. 

Now Bryce’s nightmare is to use tools to fix things.  He hates it and tries to pay other people to do our boat repairs.  We have gone back and forth about whether he should do this job or sub it out.  But the past two weeks he has been determined that this is a job he can tackle.  It entails taking up the screws that attach the toilet pedistal to the floor, wedging the toilet backward and then tackling the hoses and their connectors and clamps underneath–a great job for an elf but not for a big guy in a small space. 

Within the first five minutes  he broke off a plastic connector to the toilet–I have no idea if we can buy another one–we may need to replace the entire unit.  Now he is struggling with the clamps and connectors and I can hear his groans and complaints from the dinghy where I am sitting and cleaning.  I just hope we can get the boatyard to finish this repair after he gives up in disgust!  What a way to celebrate a birthday!

Helen   04/07/13

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