Nearly a Century– Helen 03/17/13

Today our family celebrated my mother’s 95th birthday.   She was born in 1918 when few folks in her little New Jersey town drove a car.  She has seen the advent of the radio and television as well as all the kitchen applicances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and of course the microwave oven.  She is amazed at what we can do with computers although she does not have one.  She has watched as our nation put a man on the moon and sent astronauts to the International Space Station.

My mother married in 1944 near the end of the second world war.   She had two children, my brother and I.   I was the first one in the family to go to college.   When I married a Canadian in 1968 and moved to Canada for eleven years, she and my father flew up there to visit us.  It was the first time she had ventured out of the USA and the first time she had flown on a plane.   Several years later we took my mom on a cruise ship to the Bahamas, another first for her.   When Bryce and I got our first sailboat, an O’Day-22, we took her for her first sail.  Later when we moved up to an O’Day-27 we took her for an overnight cruise to Cape Lookout.

Today as I reflect on my mother’s long life I marvel at how much change she has witnessed.   I think that her generation, more than any other one, has seen more marvelous technology.   And to live for nearly a century–what a milestone to be celebrated!  So mom, today I celebrate you!  Congratulations and much love!

Helen   03/17/13

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