A Hint of Spring –Helen 03/10/13

I’ve had it with ole man winter!  I’m tired of wearing turtleneck sweaters, knee socks and jeans.  I’m tired of heavy jackets, hats and gloves.  It seems like we have been teased most of this winter.  Every few days we have had one day that hints at warmer weather to come–but then the cold, dreary, wet and rainy stuff arrives and makes you realize that winter has not gone yet.  But this weekend the sun had a hint of a promise about spring.  And of course daylight savings time gives us more sunlight at the end of the day when it has warmed up to its maximum temp.

Next Friday we will take the boat out of the water for at least a week.   We need to look at her bottom and see how well the barrier paint is doing.   We also need to change our sacrificial zincs, paint the prop and bow thruster, and wax the hull.  It’s always nice to do these chores when the temperature is not hovering around the freezing point.   And the boat is colder inside when she is out of the water.  Trips to the bathroom in the boat yard are also more bearable when its a bit warmer too–remember, we will have to ascend and descend a twelve foot ladder several times a day.   So I really want spring to arrive with its pleasant balmy temps by next weekend!

Helen    03/10/13

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