Lavina from Mumbai, India About Her Mother-In-Law (Q & A)

Dr. Bryce Kaye gives advice to a wife with mother-in-law problems.Q:  My mother-in-law is a very dominating woman.  She has three sons and one adopted daughter whose father is alive and stays next door to us. She has spoilt the girl so much and has not taught her the value of money. The elder brother separated, getting fed-up of always spending money on them and they (the mother and daughter) not appreciating him or his wife.  The 2nd son also left.  Now she stays with me & my husband in her husband’s house.  We do not earn much so can’t meet their needs.  She has asked us to get out of her house?

A:  Lavina,  first of all I’m not sure what your question is.  If the house belongs to you mother-in-law’s husband, does it also belong to her?  If so, she has a perfect right to ask you to leave the house.  If the house belongs only to her husband then you had best go to her husband to clarify your status.  These are legal issues determined by your country’s laws and the deed on the house.  Forget about changing your mother-in-law.  That won’t happen.

Good luck, Bryce

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