A Weekend With Friends –Helen 03/03/13

Winter has its advantages.  We usually are not taking the boat out of the slip so we hunker down and enjoy our marina and the folks in Oriental.   We especially like to go to the Bean (the local coffee shop) each morning to chat with friends and catch up on the latest news.  We also enjoy entertaining on our lovely boat.   Bryce likes the aroma of a stew cooking all day in the Crockpot and sharing this ambience in the evening with close friends.

This weekend we invited some friends for dinner on Saturday evening and they invited us over to their house on Friday night.   We got to enjoy some chowder while Suzy had a play date with their two pups.  Then on Saturday evening we shared some chicken stew with another couple that we have known for the past ten years.  What a lovely way to pass the cold evenings of winter!

Helen   03/03/13

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