Not Again! – Helen 02/02/13

Yup!  Suzy nearly got bit again by a big black lab yesterday afternoon when I was walking her in our marina.  This time I did see the dog coming and picked Suzy up and put her on my head.  The dog jumped up on me and came up to my chin.  Meanwhile the owner just stood and watched about 200 feet away.  He did not call his dog and did not answer me when I kept asking if the dog belonged to him.  Finally after a few minutes of my screaming at him he admitted it was his dog.

What is wrong with these owners of big dogs??  Don’t they get it?  Even a “friendly dog” who is big can hurt a tiny dog in “play”.  Bryce and I have decided that the only way we can protect little 4-lb Suzy is by carrying a zapper.  I hope I will never need to use it; the sound of the zapper–like a rattlesnake–should scare them away!

Helen  02/02/13

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