Things Break! -Helen 01/20/13

Yuk!  I hate it when things break down, especially when they are important systems.  This morning I was greeted by a puddle of water on the galley floor and a grumpy husband.  Apparently last night while I was snoozing and Bryce was watching a late movie on the boat he noticed that our pressure water pump was coming on about every 30 seconds–not good.  He turned off the fresh water switch but knew that today he had to trouble shoot where the water leak was happening.  It took him about an hour to determine that the pump itself was leaking and not a hose.  We tried to replace it but the West Marine store that had the same pump was closed on Sunday.  It’s pretty hard to live without water–difficult to clean up, wash dishes, or even prepare coffee.  So we packed up early and left for home.  Bryce ordered a new pump from Amazon and it should arrive by Tuesday.  He is going to replace it under the galley sink on Thursday evening when we return.  Then life as I like it will return again to our happy little vessel!

Helen   01/20/13

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