A Cold Winter Weekend- Helen 01/19/13

We have been spoiled.  First we went to Florida, then we came back to NC and brought the Florida weather with us.  Last weekend we enjoyed temps. in the 70’s; it felt like spring and I hoped that we were skipping winter altogether.  But Mother Nature was just teasing us!  The last few days winter made her presence known.  Last night it was below freezing and yesterday did not make it out of the mid-40’s.  Today in spite of plentiful sunshine it is just barely 50 degrees.

I have a crockpot full of beef stew in the galley and the sweet smell is wafting throughout the boat.  We are wearing sweaters in the pilothouse and Suzy wears her little pink parka when she goes for a walk outdoors.  Bryce is fixing a leaking stantion on the port side and listening to country music.  He tried to fish at noon but even the fish are hiding down in the mud.  AH!  But at least winter is short and sweet here on the coast.  Eight more weeks and it should be gone–and I will not miss it!

Helen   01/19/13

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