I’m Baaaack!! Helen 01/05/13

Sorry for the three week interruption in my blog–it’s all Bryce’s fault!  We went to Key West for the holidays and he did not bring the laptop computer.  We had my I-pad and Bryce forgot how to get into the Love Odyssey blog.  So I was not able to bore you with the blow by blow account of our stay in paradise.  Needless to say, we had a most wonderful time doing pretty much nothing!  We are both hard workers and are usually working off a to-do list of things both at home and at the coast.  So for us to have absolutely nothing on the agenda except to eat, sleep, swim, and enjoy life is quite a treat!

Helen & Suzy enjoying the morning on the pier


I have to tell you though that Bryce is now paying for our vacation–with foot pain!  Key West is a very small, congested island paradise.  It is hard to find parking and it costs money if you do find a parking space in the tourist section of town.  We have been here several times in the past and know about this small problem..so when we arrive, we park the car behind the hotel and walk every where.  I love to walk and it makes me happy to leave the car behind.  We pop little Suzy into her hot pink stroller and take to the sidewalks, always looking to find a new street that we haven’t seen before.  We probably walked about seven or eight miles every day–to get Cuban coffee at the Trolly Stop; to walk on the lovely white sand beaches; to find a new place for lunch that is outdoors (so Suzy could join us); to find a nice ethnic restaurant for dinner; to look at the Christmas lights; etc.  By Christmas Day Bryce was complaining that his feet hurt and he was walking with a limp.  The following day he could hardly walk down the steps at the hotel and had to rent a bike to get around town.  On the drive back to NC he was in a lot of pain and taking Advil.  Wednesday he went to see the doc at the orthopedic urgent care and got put on some better drugs and was fitted with a knee-high ortho boot to immobilize his foot.  What a price to pay for a week in paradise!

Helen   01/05/13

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