Work, Work, Work–Helen 12/01/12

Bryce doesn’t usually complain about work, but this weekend he is overwhelmed.  He had to take out our nearly empty propane canister, get it refilled at the hardware store, then put it back in the anchor locker and put a new harness on it.  Sounds pretty easy, but that locker is tight quarters.  Then he had to wrestle the Yamaha outboard engine off the transom of the dinghy, fit it  in the back of our little Chevy Aveo, and take it to another marina to get it winterized.  Now that that job is complete he needs to put another light over our stove, which involves drilling out a hole in the back of the new light for the wires, then soldering the wires together.  Bryce does not enjoy working with tools; I guess I could safely say he would rather have a tooth drilled than do handyman jobs around the boat or our house.  But these things need to be done, so the man is not in a very good humor today.  Now he informs me that he also has to write 16 patient notes from sessions on Thursday and Friday.  I think I will take pity on him and cook a favorite supper tonight!

Helen     12/01/12

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