After thanksgiving–Helen 11/24/12

I always feel like there is this sprint between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In fact, it seems like there is just one holiday now, not two.  I have seen lots of Christmas trees, holiday decorations and wreaths up already.  I guess people think of this time of year as just one big holiday spanning four weeks or so.  But I like to keep my holidays separate.  So Thursday we had the turkey and trimmings but we resisted doing anything Christmas-y.  I even refused to buy any gifts on Black Friday; in fact, the only thing I bought at the Dollar General on Friday was a bottle of ketchup and a couple cans of soup.  I am not going to put up our little Christmas tree on the boat until at least next weekend (it will be December then) and I am not going shopping until next month either.

Today we took the Minnesott Beach ferry to Beaufort just to eat lunch and see which boats are at the dock, ready to sail to the islands for the winter.  It was a beautiful sunny day with a cool north wind.  We took Suzy in her stroller and had a lovely meal on the deck of Still Water Cafe overlooking Taylor’s Creek.  There was a pod of about six dolphins that cavorted about in the creek to entertain us while we dined on oysters Rockafeller and mahi burritos.  Tied up along the boardwalk we saw several lovely sailboats and an old-timey schooner probably waiting for a weather window to venture out the inlet and into the Atlantic.  So much more fun than dealing with the mobs doing their Christmas shopping at Walmart!

Helen   11/24/12

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