Maintenance- Helen 11/10/12

Boats are like people- they need a lot of attention.  Dragon Lady is no exception, in fact, I feel like she is a prima donna who needs exceptional attention.  If you fail to give your boat the attention she needs, she takes it out on you by leaving you stranded when it is least expected.  So today Bryce went into the engine compartment and examined her innards.  Her heat exchanger is leaking a bit; probably needs a new seal.  That means that the entire unit needs to be sent away for repair.  Her sacrificial zincs on the engine have been eaten up–that is what is supposed to happen, but Bryce was surprised how fast they went this year.  Usually we can replace them yearly in the spring.  I guess we put more miles on the boat engine this year.  Bryce also drained off the sludge at the bottom of both diesel tanks.  Clean diesel is good for the engine and the filters.  This time of year we also put a heater down in our bilge to keep everything down there from freezing on cold nights.  We do not winterize the boat per se because we live on her every four days year round.  In fact, there have been January days that were mild and we have taken her out for a sail to Ocracoke.  A few years ago we went to New Bern for the New Years Eve celebration.  AH!  It is nice to have a boat in the south!  I was talking to a lady yesterday at the Bean (our coffee house) who told me that she used to sail her boat single-handed in Annapolis and had to get it hauled out of the water around Thanksgiving.  Yes, we are blessed in NC!

Helen  11/10/12

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