Patricia from Raleigh, NC About Communication (Q & A)

Dr. Bryce Kaye gives advice to a wife having marriage communication problems.Q:  My husband & I have been married for 28yrs & together for 31yrs. First let me say we love each other & we have a very satisfying sexual relationship. Our problem is communication, about 15 yrs ago he stopped participating in conversations, usually initiated by me, concerning whatever issues were at hand causing us (me?) trouble in our marriage. He will listen? & either not share any thoughts or feelings or take a VERY long time to carefully formulate a response. Consequently we rarely solve anything or have resolution to any disagreement. What to do about our communication?

A: Patricia, you need to make sure that you are negotiating and not merely complaining to your husband.  It’s best if you are giving him proposals and then asking him for a response to your proposal.  If you are not waiting for his answer to your question then you might be giving him complaints.  If you ARE asking for his response to your proposals and he stonewalls you then he’s not being responsible for the relationship.  At that point you need to keep confronting him to meet with you and a professional.

Good luck,

Bryce Kaye

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