Hurricane Sandy Update- Sunday Afternoon – Helen 10/28/12

It is 4:30 and we have seen lots and lots of rain today, but very little wind.  The rain comes in bands; most of the time it is just a gentle rain, but periodically the rain gets heavy, usually for just a few minutes.  We have seen a few big gusts of wind, but most of the time it is calm or blowing 10 knots.  We have wiled away the day checking our dock lines and that of our neighbor’s boat; reading; watchin Red Box movies, and even napping.  Our in-mast furled main sail started to blow out about an hour ago and we were happy to be here to avert that calamity ( a line was not secured tightly).  So we just sit here and wait.  The radar shows this as a huge storm that covers most of the east coast.  It may get more lively tonight and tomorrow, but for now Sandy seems like a pussy cat.  Let’s hope she just keeps purring…

Helen  10/28/12

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