Hurricane Sandy- Sunday morning—Helen 10/28/12

It’s about 7:30 on Sunday morning.  We have listened to the rain and wind all night- nothing to get worried about YET.  The water level is up about 3 feet but still about 9 inches below the docks.  Bryce just moved our little Aveo car higher up on the berm.  Apparently the water has risen over several of the streets in the village of Oriental, but we are not going to venture out to check that.  The wind has been blowing a steady 10-15 knots with gusts up to 36.  The eye of this hurricane is still a long way from here.  It is predicted to get much worse today and tonight.  Having been here last year for Hurricane Irene, this looks pretty tame.  But then again I have learned that you can never predict what a hurricane will do–they are very unpredictable.  So we will just sit and wait and see what Sandy has in store for us.

Helen   10/28/12

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