Hurricane Sandy- Helen 10/27/12

We thought we were getting away with a no-hurricane year when October came–Ha!!  Sandy just sneaked up on all of us when we thought the coast was clear-literally.  So here we are on Dragon Lady this weekend preparing for this storm.  This morning was your usual fall cloudy day with high humidity.  We went to The Bean, our local coffee shop, and sat out on the front porch gabbing with the locals; no wind, no rain.  About lunch time the rain started, just a gentle downpour–nothing to be concerned about.  Now it is 2:30 and the rain is more in ernest but there is very little wind.  Having gone through Hurricane Irene last year, this seems like a joke–but I look at the radar and know that lots more is coming.  In fact, this is a very large and slow moving storm.  It will not make land-fall in NC and just its outter bands are going to affect us.

Meanwhile Bryce is preparing the boat.  He has put extra lines on the stern, a line around the base of the mast so the boat does not heel over, and lots of bumpers on each side so it will not collide with pilings.  We are ready for a direct hit of 100 knot winds- but they are only predicting 35-45 knots with gusts to 55.  Oh well, it is cozy inside and I have lots of magazines and books to read while Bryce has stocked up on Red Box movies.  I think we can wait out this hurricane in style!

Helen   10/27/12

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