Prepping for an Odyssey- Helen 09/09/12

A lot goes into preparing for an Odyssey cruise.  We have two cruises to look forward to in the coming weeks.  First of all, I am crew and galley wench- so my job is to see that the boat is clean and in ship-shape both inside and out.  Last weekend while we were anchored out at Cape Lookout Bryce and I cleaned the hull using the dinghy.  It’s amazing how dirty the hull can get from discharge from the diesel engine and generator as well as rain run-off over the deck and down the scuppers.  I also give the deck a good cleaning to get off the mildew that has formed from all the rain Oriental has been getting in the past several weeks.  It doesn’t take long for green and/or black mildew to form on areas that don’t get much sunlight.

I always vacuum the interior every Sunday before we leave for home, but I generally leave dusting for once or twice a month.  Bathrooms (heads) are also cleaned every Sunday and all the towels are taken home to be laundered.  But before an Odyssey I like to get out the good set of linens and polish all shiny surfaces.  I also wax the hardwood floors so everything gleams.

Then there is the food and beverages.  We have two coolers on deck for beverages.  One contains bottles of water and the other one has bottles of soft drinks.  We ice these down and always have cool beverages on hand for our guests.  We generally like to leave ports early in the morning (like 6:00 a.m.!) so I always serve breakfast on board on those days.  Today I made up some menus and bought food to be served.  I try to serve healthy foods that also look appealing to the eye, especially fruits and berries.  I can’t wait for our next Odyssey to begin next weekend!

Helen   09/09/12

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