Hurricanes, Oh My! Helen 08/25/12

I hate this time of year because each week we have to monitor the tropics for new hurricanes.  Not only does it affect our Odyssey cruises and scheduling, but it adds additional worry about the safety of our vessel.  This past week we have been monitoring the projected paths of Isaac and Joyce and now we need to think about Kirk too.  It seems like from late August through the month of October these tropical systems just line up out there, one after the other.  It’s a constant guessing game about which one is planning to wreck havoc on our coast.  Last year Irene did lots of damage in this neck of the woods so folks around here are very anxious when it looks like a tropical storm has its sights set on us.

Bryce and I had tentatively made plans to go to Cape Lookout for the Labor Day weekend but it looks right now like the remnants of Isaac will be visiting us  and the ocean will be nasty.  Even a trip to Ocracoke may be iffy with big seas in the Pamlico Sound.  So I guess we will just wait and make plans on the spur of the moment when we know what conditions to expect.

Helen    08/25/12

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