ALL WASHED UP – Helen 08/11/12

Today was supposed to be the biggest and best of the Dragon Boat races.  As you may remember, Oriental has been host to these races for the past two years and this year there were 22 teams from all over the east coast competing.  But Mother Nature had other plans.  The teams were supposed to practice on the Neuse River yesterday afternoon but rain and wind had the boats capsizing, so they practiced on the sand in the park.

 This morning it was bright and sunny with little wind- what looked to be a perfect day for boat races.  Suzy and I watched the first two races from the park overlooking the waterfront.  There were hundreds of people either participating or watching.  Excitement was in the air.  But by the third race, about 9:45, the sky became ominous and Bryce predicted a line of rain squalls coming our way.  Suzy and I left and thirty minutes later the sky opened with torrential downpours and strong winds.  The races were called off after a couple of boats sunk (no worry!  Everyone had on a life jacket!).  This afternoon the sun is peeking out but the wind is strong and there are whitecaps on the river.  I guess we can hope for better weather next year.

 Helen  08/11/12

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