FRUSTRATION — Helen 08/04/12

This was supposed to be a laid-back weekend.  Bryce wanted to fish from the dock and I wanted a dinghy ride to town.  But the dinghy engine, our big Yamaha 15, kept stalling yesterday.  How come it ran so beautifully last weekend but not this weekend?  Bryce talked to the guys sitting at the Bean yesterday and they suggested a fuel additive and high test gas in the fuel tank.  That didn’t work.  Then Bryce thought he had an air leak in the fuel hose so today he bought another one.  That didn’t solve the problem.  He checked the fuel filter and it was clean.  It could be bad gas but there is nowhere to get rid of bad gas in this county.  Now it must be the carburetor—but Bryce doesn’t fix engines.  So the  next step is to take the engine to a repair shop.  Oh no, he can’t get the engine unlocked from the transom- the lock is too corroded for the key to unlock it.  Or was that the wrong key?  Yesterday he tossed out a key that he thought was useless.  Now he is looking for it in three bags of trash—can’t find it.  Then he went to the shed to get some bolt cutters—oh no, he broke a fastener on the engine while freeing it from the transom.

 Oh yes, and the other frustration is fishing.  Bryce thought he could catch some pinfish to use as bait to catch drum.  Well, all he got in his pinfish trap were crabs!  So no fishing this weekend either—just FRUSTRATION!

 Helen    08/04/12

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